Playing Cards: Mondrian: Broadway Boogie Woogie

Nick Earl from GotMagic has done it again! Mondrian: Broadway Boogie Woogie. Mondrian: Broadway, is the newest rendition in the Mondrian series. Based on Piet Mondrian's artwork titled "Broadway Boogie Woogie," completed in 1943. Nick has completely redesigned Mondrian Broadway from the ground up. First, the tuck box is done in a super thick, synthetic, soft touch stock with 4 Pantone colors, each individually letterpressed. This gives each color a dimensional feel. Piet Mondrian's signature is silver foiled along with other elegant silver foil details on the outside. The inside of the box is completely foiled with the Broadway design. The cards are printed on a crushed premium stock. The design was created with cardistry in mind, to flow with your flourishes and accentuate the moves. The primary colors are bright and eye-catching, while the subtle cool grey allows for subtle borders. The Ace is done in the Broadway design, and the signature colors are used throughout the court cards. The extra cards included are two Jokers, a double backer, and a blank face. Limited Edition of 7,500 will not be re-prints.

 What are your thoughts on the new Mondrian Broadway Boogie Woogie? Comment Below! 

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  • Those are so cool.
    I love his art, i didnt realize these existed.


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