Oculus Playing Cards, do they live up to the hype?

Oculus Playing Cards was Funded on Kickstarter in just 15 hours! It was designed to be the first worker deck for cardist and magicians; all while maintaining superior handling, design, and affordability. The Oculus Playing Cards was printed by Expert Playing Card Company with their Taiwan printer, utilizes their exceptional Classic Finish and is Traditionally Cut.


The design was inspired by Pointillism, and that's noticeable throughout the whole deck. It features a full-bleed borderless design with bold and vibrant red and blues the courts are familiar borderless with the pointillism design throughout. 


Randy Butterfield and Mike Wilson who both live in the Indianapolis area and are great human beings I can friends. They have done a fantastic job with the deck. On the tuck flap, you'll find 2 logos. Randy signature midnight cards logo, and Mike Wilson puzzle piece which represents autism. Mike has a passion for incorporating magic and cardistry it's a helping people with autism. 


It's officially my new favorite deck. This deck needs to be nominated for Deck of the year! 

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