Playing Cards: Snake Oil Elixir Deck

Randy Butterfield (Midnight Cards) has done it again 

and this time with The Blue Crown, they have released the Snake Oil Elixir Deck. 

The Snake Oil Elixir Deck is a nod to the Snake Oil Salesmen and Miracle Elixir Ads from the late 1800's. It's printed by the United States Playing Card Co. and utilizes their amazing Magic Finish. 

The Tuck Box features Pen & Ink drawings of an old-school Con Man / Snake Oil Salesman and a menacing Snake. The overall Tuck design is reminiscent of old Snake Oil Elixir Ads. 

The Back Card features a borderless Snakeskin pattern that is subtly asymmetrical in the center area. The semi-custom Face Cards incorporate Arrco Courts and look like they're from the late 1800's. The Ace of Spades includes the Pen & Ink Con Man and Snake drawings. The two unique Jokers complete the look with their Snake Oil Elixir Ad designs.

And my favorite part.. its printed by the United States Playing Card Company. Who is your favorite Playing Cards Company and why? Comment below. 

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