PigCake Exclusive Half Brick Special

PigCake Exclusive Half Brick Special

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Welcome my fellow Pigsters. If you are viewing this page, it means you have found this top secret link. Here you will find a special half brick of cards selected by PigCake himself. Some of the cards I currently have for on the website, but others I have pulled out from my personal collection just for you. So this PigCake Exclusive Half Brick Special is in limited quantities. In other words, while supplies last, so HURRY UP!h I hope you enjoy them! 

What you will receive: 

  1. TallyHo* (Red or Blue)
  2. Hoyle* (Red or Blue)
  3. Aviators* (Red or Blue)
  4. Coca-Cola by USPCC
  5. Snake Oil
  6. Copag 310* (Red or Blue)

*Colors are chosen at random