Virtuoso Fall/Winter 2017 Playing Cards
Virtuoso Fall/Winter 2017 Playing Cards
Virtuoso Fall/Winter 2017 Playing Cards

Virtuoso Fall/Winter 2017 Playing Cards

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Introducing the new FW17 Virtuoso deck.

The Virtuoso deck made history in 2012 as the first deck ever designed for Cardistry, and remains today as the choice of top Cardists around the globe. Today, Cardistry is thriving more than ever. Still, we are only getting started.

For the Fall/Winter ‘17 season, we've taken everything Cardists have come to know and love about our cards, and brought it all to a whole new level.

What's new?

Well, everything.

Check out the 5 core new features of the new FW17 Virtuoso deck.


New multi-faceted back design

Taking Adaptive Aesthetics to the next level, the new multi-faceted back design forms fluid yet rhythmic patterns in spreads and displays, and paints the air with incredibly expressive movements across countless other card flourishes. 


New face design

It has a new face design featuring redesigned indices and double wraparound color stripes with dual tones for delicious fanning.


New handling abilities

Beneath its surface, the deck's thinner yet snappier stock also makes for the most addictive Cardistry experience we've ever crafted.


New tuck case

We’ve even upgraded the tuck case, giving it a new spine design, a smoother touch as well as sturdier, more durable build.


New colorway

Enveloped in a refreshing colorway of deep forest green and slate grey that exudes a calm confidence, the future of Cardistry begins now; right in the palm of your hand.


How the Virtuoso deck makes all your card flourishes look that much better

While most decks have intricate or overly plain back designs that diminish how your flourishes look, the Virtuoso deck is the first and only deck that takes every move you do to its maximum visual potential. Every single shape, line, and color on the Virtuoso deck exists to make your Cardistry look even better. Guided by the principles of movement and aesthetics, our team began by breaking down countless card flourishes to their core movements and forms. From there, a design that visually amplified the way cards moved and interacted with each other was crafted. The result? Adaptive Aesthetics — A versatile design architecture that gives the appearance of connecting patterns, changing colors, strobing lines, and swirling shapes to makes everything you do immediately look better than ever. See Adaptive Aesthetics in action below, along with the Virtuoso deck’s many other features.